Cleansing Range
Cocooning Cleansing Milk (Dry/Sensitive)
250 ml$34.00
Cocooning Toner (Dry/Sensitive)
250 ml$34.00
Exfoliator Softness (Dry/Sensitive)
50 ml$34.00
Freshness Cleansing Milk (Normal/Combo)
250 ml$34.00
Freshness Toner (Normal/Combo)
250 ml$34.00
Freshness Exfoliator (Normal/Combo)
50 ml$34.00
Marine Foaming Cleanser (All Skin)
150 ml$34.00
Make-up Remover
150 ml$34.00
Delicate Skin Care (Sensitive Skin)
Bio-Protective Cream
50 ml$65.00
Hydrating Skin Care AmountPrice
CrΓ¨me d’Eveil (Energizing Day Cream)
50 ml$65.00
Crème Dentent (Relax Cream)
50 ml$69.00
Serum Rehydratant Absolu (Rehydrating Serum)
30 ml$70.00
Masque Desalterant (Moist Quench Mask)
50 ml$45.00
Comfort Skin Care/Lipid-Boosting Care (Very Dry Skin)
Delicious Comfort Cream (Night)
50 ml$75.00
Extreme Comfort Cream
50 ml $75.00
Melt-Away Mask (Cream Mask)
50 ml$46.00
Oxygenating Range (Stressed-Dull Skin)AmountPrice
Oxygen Cream (Day & Night)
50 ml$80.00
Oxygen Serum
30 ml$72.00
Oxygen Mask
50 ml$45.00
Oxygen 3-Defense Fluid SPF 15
50 ml$75.00
Re-Balancing Skin Care (Oily Combo Skin) AmountPrice
Ultra-Matte Moist Fluid
50 ml$45.00
Intensive Regulating Serum
30 ml $55.00
Deep Cleansing Absorbing Mask
50 ml$40.00
Exceptional Care (Total Anti-Age) AmountPrice
Exceptional Serum
30 ml$162.00
Exceptional Cream-Botox Like Cream
50 ml$130.00
Exceptional Eye Cream Total Anti-Aging
50 ml$80.00
Thalgogive-Firming Anti-Aging LineAmountPrice
Thalgogive Perfect Contour Cream
50 ml$82.00
Thalgogive Refining Firming Serum
30 ml$90.00
Thalgogive Firming Gel Mask
50 ml$48.00
Eyes and Lip ContourAmountPrice
Moisturizing Eye Care
15 ml$40.00
Firming Eye Contour Gel (Anti-Puffiness)
15 ml$54.00
Revitalizing Eye Contour Firming Cream
15 ml$44.00
Sunscreen AmountPrice
Face-Bio Protective Sunscreen SPF-50+
50 ml$46.00
Face & Body Rejuvenating SPF-30
100 ml$56.00
Body-Sun Repair Cream Mask After Sun
50 ml$32.00
Brightening Rejuvenating CareAmountPrice
Unizones Clearing Corrector
30 ml$58.00
Melt-In Smoothing Brightening Cream
50 ml$86.00
Smoothing Brightening Fluid
50 ml$74.00
Organic Skin CareAmountPrice
Marine Scrub with Organic Almond Shells
50 ml$40.00
Vital Fluid with Organic Olive Leaf
50 ml$49.00

Vital Cream with Organic Olive Leaf
50 ml$49.00
Body Products AmountPrice
Flat Stomach
125 ml $46.00
Exceptional Body Cream
200 ml$150.00